Summer Programs


Throughout the summer, children sport muck boots, bug spray, and huge smiles. We spent nearly every minute of every day-rain or shine-outside exploring and discovering the magic of the world around us. We go home wet, muddy, tired, and anxious to come back again and again.

Campers spend their time foraging, cooking on the open fire, falling in love with the barn animals, hiking in the meadow and backwoods, examining the tidal pools at the back cove near Mother’s Beach, going under the sprinkler, making new friends, and documenting their adventures.

They draw; they paint; they sing; they discover the myriad of insects, critters, and flowers that live in our back yard and vernal pool that borders the meadow; they learn how to bandage a cut using sphagnum moss and how to use wet mud to take the sting out of bee stings. Campers spend the summer exploring the meadow, backwoods, headwaters of Lake Brook, and tidal pools; they have a blast and in the process fell in love with the world around them!

Due to physical demands on children during summer camp, campers must be four years old before summer camp starts.  Summer camp at Cocoons is a magical experience; there are typically long waiting lists for summer camp; spots are filled on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Cocoons is extremely excited to be partnering with the amazing Ecology School of Saco. Their experienced teachers offer fun-filled organized environmental camps for young children at Cocoons. They support early environmental education the same as Cocoons and are committed to providing hands-on outdoor experiences that children will remember for a lifetime! Check out these camps!