Children who experience the wonder of the outdoors and who fall in love with animals as youngsters become future stewards of our planet!

Wearing muck boots and snowshoes children who are students at Cocoons explore our gardens, our meadow, the head waters of Lake Brook, and the neighboring 40 acres of protected Kennebunk Land Trust land year round. They learn to make healthy eating choices by growing their own vegetables and herbs in summer gardens; they forage for wild blueberries and cranberries to cook with and to preserve; they track animals, birds, reptiles and rodents to investigate their habitats; they explore the head waters of our very own Lake Brook to investigate the aquatic life that helps keep our rivers and ocean clean. They explore and learn all about vernal pools.

In a world where fewer and fewer children have animals of their own, children who are students at Cocoons learn to love and to take care of animals both physically and emotionally. They fall in love with Puddle their mini horse, Teddy their pygmy goat, the rabbits, and the bantam hens and their chicks that arrive each spring in our little red barn. They visit the barn and paddock regularly to feed the animals, to muck the stalls, to collect the eggs, to pet and visit, and to take Teddy for walks in the meadow.

Children discuss, write about, draw, and paint what they see and experience.