Special Events


Fall festival

One Saturday every October, Cocoons is the site of an exciting old-fashioned Fall Festival for Cocooners and their families. Parents of present Cocooners, teachers, and Friends of Cocoons board members work hard to create an event where parents and grandparents join Cocooners while they enjoy activities like biting donuts hung on a string, bowling with pumpkins, having their faces painted, and much, much more! The big barn doors are opened for all to enjoy the animals that live at the school while the side porches are transformed into outside cafes. The Fall Festival is a wonderful way for members of the Cocoons family to get to know each other.

I Love you show

One Saturday morning every March, all of the students at Cocoons and their teachers strut their stuff on the Kennebunk Town Hall stage as their gift to everybody who loves them. We all practice in our classrooms at school and rehearse at the Town Hall; we're darn good when we perform onstage for an audience of 300+! In full costume children sing, dance, and entertain for an entire morning...and then invite the audience to join the cast party when we have taken our final bows.

Children create priceless memories as audience members laugh (and cry) as they watch their little ones perform on stage. The I Love You Show reminds grandparents of long ago when they used to "put on shows" for their grandparents in living rooms all across the state of Maine. It's a real treat!




Every June, family and friends of children graduating from preschool are invited to graduation at Cocoons. Graduates sport their baseball hats with tassels and special tee shirts created by Cocooners as they march into the kitchen to "Inch by Inch" and proudly receive their diplomas. Graduation is followed by a "private" lunch at Federal Jacks in Kennebunkport.

Graduation is always a bitter sweet day at Cocoons and we have some rules that are strictly enforced! No crying allowed - only smiles! Graduates can never walk past a Cocoons' teacher without giving a hug...no matter where they are or how old they get! Graduates forever need to toot when they drive past the school. And no matter what a graduate needs, they ALWAYS need to know that they can call Cocoons for help! Once a Cocooner always a Cocooner!