Tuition Rates for Academic School Year

Cocoons works very hard to maintain tuition rates that are affordable for the average family. When compared to other preschools in Southern Maine, our preschool rates are extremely competitive.

 Toddlers/ Preschoolers                                       

5 Day Program (M-F)

5 Day Program         $ 8,400    mornings only

5 Day Program         $ 11,100  with 2 Full Days

5 Day Program         $12,100   with 3 Full Days

5 Day Program         $12,700   with 4 Full Days

5 Day Program         $ 13,300   with 5 Full Days

4 Day Program (M-TH) 

4 Day Program      $ 7,500     mornings only

4 Day Program      $ 10,000    with 2 Full Days

4 Day Program      $ 10,700    with 3 Full Days

4 Day Program      $ 11,500   with 4 Full Days

3 Day Program (M/W/F)

3 Day Program      $ 6,200   mornings only

3 Day Program      $ 9,700   with 3 Full Days

2 Day Program (T/TH)

2 Day Program          $ 4,000   mornings only

2 Day Program          $ 6,800  with 2 Full Days

Before & After School Options

Additional before and after school hours are billed at the rate of $7.00 per hour. Cocoons is open from 8:00am to 5:30pm.

Tuition Payment Options*

  1. Every family must pay a non-refundable enrollment deposit for each student.

Tuition Payment Plans:

  • 100% by July 1st (5% reduction in yearly tuition)

  • 10 Monthly payments due by the 1st of each month, starting September 1st

  • 12 Monthly payments due by the 1st of each month, starting July 1st (automatic withdrawal is required)

*Information, conditions and restrictions regarding enrollment and withdrawal policies are stated on the financial agreement.

At Cocoons we are acutely aware that families need to be able to budget their money. As a result of our commitment to our Cocooners, there will never be an annual tuition increase implemented of more than 5%. In fact, we work very hard to keep tuition increases well below that level.


When more than one child in a family attends Cocoons during an academic year, the 2nd child is entitled to a 25% tuition discount


Friends of Cocoons is a nonprofit 501C3 that helps fund scholarships for qualifying Cocooners.